Carlyle Tools – Low Profile Trolley Jacks

CLLNCCJ25F – Low entry and lifts to 51cm – Offer Price £99.95 + vat

CLLNCCJ30F – 3 tonne version – Offer Price £149.95 + vat

Full size, high lift, low profile Jacks – limited stocks at this price

Key Features
  • Sealed Power Unit Prevents Leaks
  • Fast Lifting Dual Pump for Efficient Performance
  • Handle Yoke Stopper
  • Soft Rubber Pad
  • Durable, Chrome-Plated Dual Pumps
  • Steel Wheels
  • Foam Bar Protector
  • Two-Piece Handle for Easy Storage
  • Rear Handle
  • Lifting Range: 75-510mm
  • Weight: 30kg
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