Sealey – Battery Maintenance/Car Storage Options

AUTOCHARGE400HF – 4 amp, 9 stage, 6/12v Charger & Maintainer – Offer Price £36.89 + vat

  • Dual voltage smart charger and maintainer ensures that the battery is kept fully charged and ready-to-use for extended periods of time.
  • Clear, easy-to-read digital display indicates the percentage charging level and the output current of the charger.
  • Heavy-duty case with simple controls.
  • Charges, EFB and AGM/GEL (stop/start), Lithium and conventional lead acid batteries.

MBC250 – 10amp (2x5amp) 6/12v Auto Maintenance Charger – Offer Price £47.87 + vat

  • Compact 6/12V dual bank battery charger perfect for automotive, motorcycle and marine workshops.
  • Suitable for charging a variety of batteries, charger reacts continuously to battery condition and delivers whatever charge rate is required.
  • Two bank charger outputting 2 x 5A depending on the condition and charge of each battery.
  • Constantly regulated voltage patterns allow the battery to be recharged fully and safely without fear of overcharging.
  • Compatible with all AGM, Gel and VRLA flooded batteries commonly found in everything from automotive and farm equipment to motorcycles, ATVs, golf buggies and lawnmowers.

MBC420 – 8A (4 x 2A) 6/12V Four Bank Auto Smart Charger & Maintainer – Offer Price £106.44 +vat

Four bank charger outputting 4 x 2A depending on the condition and charge of each battery. Details as MBC250

BCC1 – 12V Battery Charger Extension Cable 3m SAE Connector Plugs – suitable for all above chargers – Offer Price £5.65 + vat

  • 3M EXTENSION CABLE – For suitable 12V battery chargers.
  • SUITABLE FOR USE – With our AUTOCHARGE, MBC and SPI range of 12V chargers.
  • SAE “QUICK” – Connector plugs with protective cap ends.
  • IDEAL FOR – Providing longer reach from charger to vehicle batteries.
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