Sealey – Popular Inspection Lamps

LED3601 – Rechargeable, Mini, Lightweight lamp with 360 degree magnetic mount, 3w COB LED produces 300 lumen with CRI-80 rating. Available in green, red and black. Supplied with USB charging cable. Offer Price £27.95 + vat (deals on quantity).

LED360 – Rechargeable lamp with 360 degree swivel; 14 x SMD LED’s provides up to 600 lumen plus additional torch at the end. Fitted with 2 hooks and 3 magnets for multi attachment. Red, Black or Green; Supplied with USB Charging Lead Offer Price £37.95 + vat (deals on quantity).

LED3604 – “Harry Potters Worklamp” Long and “wand-like”. Rechargeable, 360 degree swivel mount; 600 lumens. Single mounting hook and strong magnetic base. Rotary switch gives variable light strength. Available in Red and Green Offer Price £37.95 +vat (deals on quantity)

LED3604UV – Exactly as the LED3604 but with an additional UV light source built into top section Offer Price £42.95 +vat (deals on quantity)

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