Welzh Werkzeug Ltd – Vibro Hammer “Sledger Kit”

WWL4962-WW 10pce Vibro Hammer “Sledger Kit” – Offer Price £199.95 + vat

Specially developed to quickly and efficiently remove and install fan clutches when repairing the water pump or fan clutches.
Faster and easier than conventional fan clutch wrenches. No holding wrench is needed also to quickly to easily break loose stuck fasteners. Saves time by breaking loose fasteners without having to remove components on the vehicle. This kit contain the five most common and requested sizes for suspension, frame, engine, transmission, and component bolts.
The offset lip on the socket heads allow for greater use in drive pulleys, pans, housings, and other offset needed areas; making these ideal for use on alignments, suspensions, frame work, diesel trucks, and engines.

32mm, 36mm, 40mm 47mm sizes.
14mm for housing, pulley, components, linkage, manifold and calipers bolts.
17mm and 19mm for crank, transmission, torque converter, brakes, body, frame and cradle bolts.
21mm and 22mm for oxygen sensors, crank bolts, suspension components and control arms.

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