Welzh Werkzeug Ltd – Vibro Hammer Puller Set

WWL3767-WW Puller Set for Vibro Hammers – Currently on offer – save nearly £80 – Offer Price £199.95+vat

Allows Welzh Vibration Hammer 1070-WW to be used to pull a wide range of vehicle components with high precision.
Designed to assist in the extraction of inner drive shafts, bearings & seals, ball joints, track rod ends and much more.

Welzh Twister Kit contents include:
Versatile twisting handle mount with multiple mounting options and 360 rotation.
Inner drive shaft puller.
Long reach 2 leg puller.
Flat blade puller tool.
Air hammer adaptor.
Thread adapter.
Puller hook.
Seal puller.

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