Welzh Werkzeug Ltd – Vibro Hammer interchangeable heads

WWL3871-WW Set of Interchangeable Heads for Vibro Hammer – Trade Price £26.15+vat

4 Piece Vibration Hammer Kit:
Specially Designed set to work with WELZH -1070-WW Vibration Hammer. 10mm round Shank & 3 Separate Heads allowing use on many different applications.

Hex Shank Technology:
The shaft has been designed with our Hex Shank Technology to allow much greater accuracy.

Aluminium, Nylon & Brass Heads:
The Aluminium & Nylon Heads are suited for working on all type of body work. The brass head is considerably versatile in working with threaded components like Drive Shafts, Thread Pins, Ball Joint Rubber Bushes etc.

Damage Preventing Set:
When a traditional method is used the applications can be irreversibly damaged. Additional benefit is with these heads is they are non sparking so could be used in environments where sparks are not permitted.

Replacement Heads Available:
3871-1-ww, 3871-2-ww, 3871-3-ww

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