Upol – Body Fillers

U-Pol B Fibre Glass Filler 1.85ltr Offer Price £23.75 +vat

A strong polyester glass fibre filler that can be easily shaped and sanded once cured. Suitable for bridging holes and rust in steel and GRP surfaces.

U-Pol Fantastic Ultra Lightweight Body Filler 3ltr Offer Price £24.95 + vat

An ultra lightweight multi-functional filler ideal for medium and fine panel damage in most substrates. Formulated using the latest lightweight technology, it combines excellent filling properties with ease of sanding.

EASY 1 Lightweight Body Filler – EASY™ 3ltr Offer Price £20.95 + vat

An easy to use, smooth textured polyester filler for deep repairs. The non-sag formula is ideal for use on vertical or horizontal repairs and its lightweight formula bonds to multiple substrates including galvanised steel, metal and GRP.

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