Tool Connection – Supaseal Connectors

TLC37225 – 424pc Supaseal waterproof connector assortment – Offer Price £39.95 + vat

TLC7002 – Ratchet Crimping Tool specifically for Supaseal connectors £59.95 + vat

BUY BOTH FOR ONLY £89.95 + vat while stocks last

  • Supaseal connector wiring assortment for use on applications where a waterproof joint / seal are required for electrical cabling.
  • Female connectors: 1-pin, 2-pin, 3-pin, 4-pin, 5-pin and 6-pin.
  • Male connectors: 1-pin, 2-pin, 3-pin, 4-pin, 5-pin and 6-pin.
  • Kit also includes female and male terminals with yellow seals.
  • RoHS compliant. Top up blisters available, please see Connect Part Nos. 37226 (1-pin connector kit), 37227 (2-pin connector kit), 37228 (3-pin connector kit), 37229 (4-pin connector kit), 37230 (5-pin connector kit), 37231 (6-pin connector kit), 37232 (male non insulated terminals), 37233 (female non insulated terminals) and 37234 (yellow terminal seal covers).
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