Tool Connection – 60pc Oetiker OE Quality CV Boot Straps

TLC30268 – 60pc Oetiker CV boot Strap kit – Offer Price £79.95+vat

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Assortment box of Oetiker OEM quality metal band clamps including 3 sizes of dual hook adjustable ear clamps, suitable for a variety of automotive applications including, air suspension, air intake, fuel line, thermal management, steering, driveshaft, constant velocity joint (CVJ) rubber and thermoplastic boots. The kit also includes 2 different sizes of adjustable ear clamps suitable for use with aftermarket constant velocity joint (CVJ) rubber boots. These feature burr-free edges, reducing the risk of damage to the components being clamped, are manufactured from stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance.

  • A comprehensive set of industry standard metal band clamps suitable for use on constant velocity joint (CVJ) rubber boots.
  • Kit includes: Oetiker dual hook adjustable ear clamps. Sizes: 29-30.7mm (Part No. 32293), 32.1-37.3mm (32294), 67.3-93.1mm (32295).
  • Oetiker universal CV boot clamps. Sizes: 25-40mm (Part No. 32297), 50-110mm. (32298).

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