Sealey – “Special Spanner” Deal

Set of 6 Specialist Spanners – normal trade price around £80 + vat – Offer Price for all 6 £22.40 + vat

VS70097L – (first image)1/2″ drive 24mm bi-hex spanner specifically designed for oil and filter change on DSG gearboxes in VAG vehicles

VS70097S – (first image) short version 1/2″ drive 24mm bi-hex spanner allows filter change without removing battery

VSE5330 – (second image) Multi angle 17mm spanner for removing fuel pipes on VW TDi engines

VS9840 – (like image 1) 1/2″ drive 21mm 12 point spanner for reaching strut mount fittings on VW Crafter/Mercedes Sprinter

VSE18 – (image 3) 1/2″drive 18mm socket for use with torque wrench on VAG rear multi link suspension adjustments

VSE21 – (image 3) 1/2″ drive 21mm bi-hex spanner for strut mounting/camber adjustment on Crafter/Sprinter vans

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