Sealey – Air Hose Regulators, Filters, Lubricators

Full Range of Regulators, filters, water traps, lubricators available. See below items kept in stock for same day delivery:

Part NoDescriptionFitting SizeMax PressureMax cfm
SEASA2001/FRFilter/Regulator 3/8″BSP145psi70cfm
SEASA106Heavy Duty Filter/Regulator/Lubricator1/4″ BSP150psi60cfm
SEASA106FRHeavy Duty Filter/ Regulator 1/4″BSP150psi70cfm
SEASA111Mini inline oiler1/4″BSP  
SEAATO500S500ml Air Tool Oil   
 *refer to Sealey Catalogue for full specs   
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