Rema Tip Top – Cements & Sealers

INNERLINER SEALER – Free of CHC/aromatic compounds – seal porous innerliners and edges of repair areas; can seal excessively buffed inner tyre walls

CEMENT SC-BL accelerator solution for the application of REMA TIP TOP universal patches and Minicombi plugs. Can be used for self vulcanisation from 18 degrees celsius through to hot vulcanisation up to 150 degrees celsius.

CEMENT FD-BL accelerator solution as above but dries twice as fast. Especially suited for fast and smaller repairs such as to tread area and for one step repairs with REMA TIP TOP universal patches.

BEAD SEALER 96OF – Suitable for radial or cross ply tyres – seals any imperfections in the rim surface helping prevent potential slow punctures.

Part NoDescriptionSizeRema catalogue
RTT5159405Tyre Repair Cement SC-BL200gm tin with brushpage 51
RTT5159570Fast Dry Tyre Repair Cement  FD-BL175gm tin with brushpage51
RTT5930694Tyre Bead Sealer – 96OF946ml tinpage 154
RTT5159028Inner liner sealer175gm tin with brushpage 52
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