Rema Tip Top – Budget Wheel Weights

Budget uncoated steel wheel weights for steel rims and Budget uncoated zinc weights for Alloy wheels

Part NoDescriptionSizePackRema catalogue
RTT5655106uncoated steel weights for steel rims5gm100page 242
RTT5655113uncoated steel weights for steel rims10gm100page 242
RTT5655120uncoated steel weights for steel rims15gm100page 242
RTT5655137uncoated steel weights for steel rims20gm100page 242
RTT5655144uncoated steel weights for steel rims25gm100page 242
RTT5655151uncoated steel weights for steel rims30gm100page 242
RTT5655209uncoated zinc weights for alloy rims5gm100page 242
RTT5655216uncoated zinc weights for alloy rims10gm100page 242
RTT5655223uncoated zinc weights for alloy rims15gm100page 242
RTT5655230uncoated zinc weights for alloy rims20gm100page 242
RTT5655247uncoated zinc weights for alloy rims25gm100page 242
RTT5655254uncoated zinc weights for alloy rims30gm100page 242
RTT7502903Balance Weight Pliers  page 248
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