Powertec -Lift-a-dent Arm

TLC91976 – Lift-a-dent Pull lever with 3 hooks – Offer Price – £135.50 + vat

The pull claw of Lift-a-Dent features 3 pull hooks with slotted holes, allowing each claw to adapt to any dents in metal surfaces. After the crimped wire has been spot-welded to the damaged surface, the built-in lever pulls out the dent gradually.

  • The pull lever quickly and easily repairs small dents on metal surfaces.
  • The slotted holes the hooks position themselves automatically pulling the deepest dent out first.
  • Weld on wire with spot welder or Tec-Spot welder and place slotted hooks between panel and wire. For Tec-Spot welders, see Part Nos. 91975 & 92314.
  • Suitable for use with Squiggly Wire, please see Power-TEC Part Nos. 9133291333 & 91378.
  • Can also be used with glue pads, please see Power-TEC Part No. 92356.
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