PWPPPTM01AS – POWERPROBE MAESTRO – Offer Price £155.85+vat

This is the first of our Pro Series line of tools made forProfessionals. With powerful multimeter functions, advanced diagnostic modes, easy to read colour LCD display, and a new rugged dust and water resistant housing. The Pro Series Maestro is designed to give you years of trouble free testing. Also, an updateable and useful app that will expand your tools capabilities and give you access to answers and solutions that you need. The unique configuration of Power Probe testers gives them many advantages over using conventional test lights or multimeter’s for circuit testing.

Trace mode offers scope-like functionality
DC voltmeter with the capability of applying battery
supplied voltage or ground
AC voltmeter: TRMS, peak-to-peak/min/max, frequency, duty cycle
Operates on 12V or 24V systems
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