MIPA – Sealants

PU400 – Black, Grey or White , moisture-curing, one-component polyurethane adhesive and sealant to seal and bond materials. It’s furthermore suitable to fix body parts (spoiler, trim strips, sheet metal parts, and so on), and to seal welded joints.

MS300 – Black or Grey Sprayable seam sealer based on MS polymer to seal joints according to common seam sealing methods (spraying,
beading, smoothing the beads by brush)

Part NoDescriptionSizeTrade Price
MFL266120000 Black MS Sealer310ml Cartridge£9.97
MFL266110000Grey MS Sealer310ml Cartridge£8.80
MFL266020000 Black PU Sealer310ml Cartridge£7.25
MFL266000000 Grey PU Sealer310ml Cartridge£5.95
MFL266010000White PU Sealer310ml Cartridge£5.95

houses and weld seams.

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