Laser Tools – VW Group TSi 1.5 Timing Tool

TLC8824 – 1.5TSi kit now in stock £499 + vat

TLC8866 – Earlier 1.2 TSi Kit due late January £139 + vat

The Laser 8824 kit has been developed to allow the user to align, set and check the camshaft timing of the Volkswagen Group EA 211, 4 cylinder TSI petrol engines* without the need to resort to computer based alignment tools. The 8824 utilises a battery powered digital inclinometer combined with accurately manufactured adaptors and alignment tooling to ensure the camshafts are set correctly. There should be no need for interaction with the vehicles OBD system if following the correct Laser tools procedure while making the alignment. *For earlier engines use with Laser Part No. 8866.

  • Applications include: Audi (from 2017), Seat (from 2017), Skoda (from 2017) & Volkswagen (from 2017).
  • Engine applications include: 1.5L TSi petrol engines -DACA, DACB, DADA, DFYA, DHFA, DPBA, DPCA & DPBE.
  • Engine variants include: EA211, EVO 4 cylinder TSi ACT.
  • Use in accordance with Laser Tools 8824 instructions.
  • Camshaft pulley holding tools (Laser Part Nos. 7279 & 8421) or similar must be used when loosening or tightening the camshaft pulleys. Made in Sheffield. Multiple EU & UK Registered Designs.
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