Laser Tools – Tri Lobe Stop Solenoid Socket

TLC8614 – Tri Lobe Stop Solenoid Socket – Offer Price £16.62+vat

As a result of requests from our customers Laser tools have developed a socket specifically for the stop/start capacitor wiring connections on the PSA range of vehicles. The large high current electrical connections on these capacitors have an anti-tamper type design, a round nut with 3 small flats on them, that will not allow a standard socket to fit. The Laser 8614 solves this problem with the tri-lobe design being shaped to fit the nut perfectly, while the open sided design allows the socket to fit in the limited space around the capacitor fixings.

  • Applications include: OEM stop/start capacitor wiring nuts (OEM capacitor number 98 017 393 80).
  • 3 pronged socket designed to work directly on the 3 faces of the connection nut.
  • Hex drive, use with standard socketry.
  • Safety first – before use, ensure the capacitor is discharged.
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