Laser Tools – Support Arm

Patented Transmission Support Arm TLC8579 – Launch Price £193.50 + vat

Click the button below for a link to a YouTube video showing the the Transmission support arm in use.

  • Universal applications – can be used in tight engine bays and transmission tunnels.
  • Provides dramatic time reductions in the removal and replacement of the gearboxes.
  • Significantly improved stability requiring only one man and hands free operation – to support the engine while removing the gearbox Laser recommend using Part No. 5750 engine support and 4842 support beam.
  • The benefits of having it suspended from above allows you to move the gear box through all three axes of movement making the removal and replacement easier, quicker and safer.
  • 200kg safe working load. Designed to fit vertical transmission jacks with 25mm and 30mm shafts. Made in the UK.
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