Laser Tools – CV Boot Pliers

TLC4136 – Offer Price £25.95+vat

Heavy duty pliers for use on ear type metal CV boot clips (for example Oetiker ear clamps). The jaws crimping action prevents damage and correctly tensions the clip. When the jaws open the forming plate pushes up to press a flat on top of the clip for secure fastening. Pliers can be used by hand or with the assistance of a power bar when greater tension is required. A versatile set of pliers, also useful for attaching clamps found on certain fuel filters, water pumps and cooling system hoses.

TLC7316 – Offer Price £57.50+vat

CV boot clamp pliers with 3/8″ torque drive for VW Group, Vauxhall, Opel, Ford and others. Designed to fasten high-strength stainless steel boot clamps that require a higher compression force to be correctly fitted. The pliers feature a 3/8″ drive for use with a torque wrench for precision hose tightening, ensuring compliance with manufacturer specified torque settings – typically between 23Nm and 30Nm.

TLC8261 – Offer Price £27.50+vat

Heavy duty hose clip pliers suitable for fitting medium sized closed and open ear-type pipe O-clips. For fitting ‘O’ style, Oetiker, single & twin ear hose clips

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