Laser Tools – Abrasive Pen Brush Set

TLC8141 – Set of four Abrasive Pen Brushes – LAUNCH PRICE £9.95+vat

Pen type abrasive brush set, suitable for a wide range of uses from automotive and electrical to jewellery. The set comes with 4 brushes, each with bristles made from a different material: steel, fibreglass, nylon and brass, that can be adjusted in length and stiffness by twisting the end cap.

  • Colour coded scratch brush set: Black – steel bristles. Red – fibreglass bristles. Blue – nylon bristles. Yellow – brass bristles.
  • Twist the cap to change the length & firmness of the bristles.
  • Overall brush length: 118mm. Adjustable brush length: up to 20mm.
  • Uses include removing automotive spot rust & stone chips, cleaning electrical connectors & circuit boards, polishing & cleaning watches, rings or jewellery, cleaning items prior to soldering or removing paint etc from small items and areas.
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