GYS – GYSFLASH Smaller Chargers

GYSFLASH Smaller chargers are ideal for small vehicle such as motorbikes, jet skis, go karts, lawnmowers etc up to larger cars and vans running a 12volt system. the 7 step charging curve ensures maximum battery performance and longevity. Ultra compact design with waterproof and dust proof casing conforming to IP65 specs.

GYS029514 GYSFLASH 1.12 for 12v batteries 1.2Ah – 32Ah or maintenance charging up to 100Ah batteries. Trade Price £48.75 +vat

GYS029521 GYSFLASH 4.12 for 12v batteries 1.2Ah – 70Ah or maintenance charging up to 130Ah batteries. Trade Price £59.95+vat

GYS029545 GYSFLASH 8.12 for 12v batteries 15Ah – 160Ah or maintenance charging up to 240Ah. Trade Price £95.48+vat

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