Fast Mover – MMA Structural Repair Glue

FMT6377 – 25ml MMA Structural Epoxy adhesive – supplied with mixing nozzle – Trade Price £7.95+vat

  • Universal Structural bonding and repairing adhesive
  • Melts synthetic materials together
  • Repairs and bonds plastics, ferrous metals, fibreglass, aluminium, glass, stone, wood, composites, ABS, PVC, SMC to name a few
  • Resists solvents, fuels, oil, antifreeze, acids and cleaning products
  • Fully cured in 30 minutes
  • Temperature resistant from -40 to 150 degrees centigrade
  • Can be sanded, drilled, tapped, primed and painted
  • Will endure high impacts
  • Excellent sag resistance for horizontal and vertical applications

This 2 part structural bond and glue is in a 25ml cartridge that has its own plunger so does away with the need for a cartridge gun.

Simply attach the mixing nozzle to the cartridge and push the plunger until mixed glue is coming out of the end of the nozzle. the mixed glue can then be manipulated to create the desired repair or bond.

Colour: Black 

The glue will cure best at 23 Degrees C, gentle heat can be applied to reduce the curing time if required. 

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