Fast Mover – 3 Stage Breathing Filter

FMT3003 – 3 stage Breathing Air Filter Regulator Unit

Regulator, replacement filters and fitting tool in stock

With air filtration down to 0.01 microns and activated carbon removing contaminants down to 0.003 ppm for both breathing and spraying. It is designed to remove dirt, liquid, oil and water from flowing compressed air. Filters should be replaced every 3 months.

Air Inlet: 1/2″ (1/4″ adapter supplied);Air Outlet: 1/4″;Gauge Range: 0-11 Bar (0-160 PSI);Width: 230mm, Height: 238mm, Weight: 3250g

Maximum Air Flow: 25CFM;Air Supply Pressure: 18 Bar;Regulated Air Pressure: 0-12 Bar

Maximum Operating Temperature: 50°C (not suitable for low bake booths/ovens)

First Filtration: 0.01 Micron; Second Filtration:Coalescing Filter; Final Filtration: Activated Carbon 0.003 ppm (odour removal);Drain: Semi-Automatic

Part NoDescription
FMT30033 Stage Breathing Regulator unit
FMT3000/ACActive Carbon Air Filter
FMT3000/XACoalescing Breathing Air Filter
FMT3000/MI0.5micron Breathing Air Filter
FMT3000/DATDissasembly tool for FMT3003
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