Bosch Consumables – ENV6 Brake Fluid

RBL1987479207 – 1litre Bosch Brake Fluid – Launch Price £9.99+vat

  • High-performance brake fluid for almost any brake system launched since 1990
  • Particularly reliable and safe thanks to its low viscosity and its high wet boiling point
  • The lower the viscosity, the shorter the reaction times of ESP systems
  • A high wet boiling point reduces the risk of formation of vapour bubbles the main cause of brake failure
  • ENV6 can be used to replace several different brake fluids such as DOT3, DOT4 or DOT5.1
  • Brake fluids based on mineral oils (LHM) or containing silicones (DOT5) are the only ones not compatible
  • ENV6 replacement interval comprises three years – its high lubricity prevents noises and protects the brake system against wear and corrosion
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