Bartec Auto ID – TECH350 TPMS Tool

BTATECH350 – Tech350 tool & 10 Sensors – Offer Price £395+vat

  • Low cost fully featured entry level TPMS tool with all Bartec quality
  • Market leading OBD and other relearns
  • Supports the fastest sensor with the best coverage – RITE-Sensor
  • Using RITE-SENSOR® and RITE-SYNC®, the TECH350 makes TPMS Service easy!
  • The first time the tool is turned on, it will guide the user through tool registration and gain access to Bartec’s PC-based Program – TPMS Desktop – enabling easy and regular software updates
  • Kit contains: Tool, OBD cable, USB cable

TECH350 Product Benefits

  • Rechargeable, replaceable battery pack
  • Built to withstand the tyre shop environment
  • Optimised for RITE-Sensor with the fastest simplest RITE-SYNC® process
  • Graphical interface allows technicians to quickly navigate the menus
  • Supports all high quality programmable sensors from Bartec, Schrader, Huf and Wegmann
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