Auto Air Glos – A/C Stop Leak Syringes

Elke one use 30ml Stop leak syringes for R134a and HFO1234yf. Individual hose and coupler in stock for each system.

This product is specially formulated for rapid repair of micro-leaks in automotive A/C systems.
The sealant introduced into the system will begin to circulate until the leak hole is found. The product is polymer-free and does not react to oxygen and humidity.
It also can be used for preventive action

Part NoDescriptionTrade
ATA41-2031Elke R134a stop leak syringe 30ml£15.75 +vat
ATA42-0014R134a Hose and coupler for syringe£8.15 + vat
ATA42-0015Elke HFO1234yf stop leak syringe 30ml£20.95+vat
ATA42-0014BHFO1234yf Hose and coupler for syringe£6.69+vat
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