ABRACS – Flap Wheel Sets

ABRACS 3pc spindle mounted Flap Wheel packs offer a range of grits and sizes to cover deburring and general cleaning. They are suitable for use with air tools and electric drills.

Part noDescriptionWheel sizeMax RPMGritTrade Price exc vat
FWPK3303pc spindle mounted flap wheel set30mm x 20mm16,5001x40g/1x80g/1x120g£3.32
FWPK3503pc spindle mounted flap wheel set50mm x 20mm10,0001x40g/1x80g/1x120g£5.07
FWPK3803pc spindle mounted flap wheel set80mm x 30mm6,2001x40g/1x80g/1x120g£8.82

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