YMF BODY – Save a fortune on Metal & Plastic Repair

Our Best Selling line of 2021….. “I don’t do Plastic Repair” – “I’m not a Body Shop”. but you would use this kit. Mirror covers, trims broken, lower spoilers, sill covers, wheelarch liners, cam covers, backings, trim clip repair. Metal panels, mounting points, bolts, headlamp aligners that snap off, trim clips, thermostat housings . Take it home and repair leaking or cracked drainpipes or guttering; kids plastic toys, broken plastic garden storage boxes.

What are we charging for this wonder product??? 2 tubes of 1 minute rigid plastic repair glue, 2 tubes of 5 minute rigid plastic repair, 2 tubes of 1 minute semi-flex plastic repair; 1 tube of metal to metal adhesive; application gun, pack of 12 nozzles, reinforcing mesh, plastic cleaner, aerosol of plastic primer and a storage box… and two tubes of super glue.

Less than half the price of our major competitors and you get 7 tubes of 2k epoxy in our kit !!

While current stocks last…… it’s still £79.95 + vat

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